TEAM:  Ray Tolbert (Copywriter) . Lindsey Cecero (Art Director) . Mikaila Weaver (Experience Designer) . Ashley Stanfield (CBM) . Prateek Patnaik (Strategist)

The Ask:  Make small-business owners choose Canon’s Maxify line of office printers over the competition.

Methodology:  We gathered in-depth market reviews on our product and its competition, to get a fair idea of our current position. We followed this up with a series of personal interviews with small-business owners across Richmond to understand their business needs and printing-related complaints.

Key Learnings:  SBO's are in a constant ‘Catch-22’ situation where they’re torn between checking off tasks and doing what drives them, technology is crucial for them to do more with less

Printers have failed to innovate in a crowded market and fail to address the actual problems faced by SBO’s, creating a situation where office printing technology is considered unreliable.

The Objective: Give SBO’s a reason to believe in Canon’s promise by making printing easier and relatable.

The Idea:  It’s not a printer, it’s your (first) employee.

CReative Executions