TEAM:  Erik Osburn (Strategist) . Helen Huang (Strategist) . Karl Giles (Experience Designer) . Prateek Patnaik (Strategist)

The Ask: 

Team One and the Ritz-Carlton group asked us to define the next chapter in the brand’s legacy. We were tasked with claiming an important place in the hearts of affluent millennials by crafting a direction for the next 30 years, and beyond.


To understand the millennial luxury consumer, we looked at the changing nature of luxury itself. To this effect, we conducted surveys and 1-on-1 interviews with affluent millennials, across the United States, India and China.  

Key Learning:

For today’s affluent millennials, the uniqueness of an experience is a measure of its luxuriousness. Luxury needs to feel justified, as a momentary indulgence which often coincides with Moments of Achievement in their lives, thereby making luxury feel acceptable, even necessary.

The Idea:

Celebrate these Moments of Achievement through our role as a symbol of achievement.

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