TEAM:  Jon Northrop (Copywriter) . Ryan Witcher (Art Director) . Jean Feroldi (CBM) . Stacey Garret (CBM) . Rebecca McNerney (Strategist) . Prateek Patnaik (Strategist)

The Ask: 

Revive a dead brand and position it for success in today’s world. 


The first Automat restaurant was opened by Horn & Hardart in 1902, soon expanding into a nationwide chain with 40 in New York alone. Inspired by Berlin’s famous AUTOMAT restaurants, the self-service restaurants featured prepared food in vending machines, thereby creating an impression of ‘automated fast-food’.


In today’s crowded world, run of the mill fast food chains are aplenty. What distinguishes the Automat from the rest is its ‘server-less’ concept, thereby offering modern consumers a unique slice of experiential  dining at fast food prices.

The Idea: Redefine 'fast' food by removing the middleman between the dime and the dish

CReative ExeCutions