TEAM:  Nitin G. Dua (Strategist) . Cary Arberg (Strategist) . Rebecca McNerney (Strategist) . Prateek Patnaik (Strategist)

The Ask: Investigate an up and coming trend/issue in modern culture.

The Issue: By outsourcing the care of our dead, we’ve created an industry that thrives on exaggerating it, with increasing costs at every step of what is now, an extensive process. Apart from the monetary burden, these practices have also served to create a complex environmental problem that is growing rapidly.


We spoke with religious experts, funeral directors, urban planners, and the founder of the project to gain a better idea of the challenges around discussing and planning for one’s death and post-mortem care. We also conducted a series of 1-on-1 interviews with consumers from our target audience to better understand their opinions and reservations on this topic.

Key Learnings:  

We’ve created a stigma around death by disassociating from the process of dealing with it, combining it with a tendency to settle, increases consumer predisposition towards following blind traditions. 

Lack of awareness about alternative funeral traditions, reduces their legitimacy, making them seem as novelty options at best.

 The Idea: 

 Reduce the stigma associated with death by starting conversations about the Urban Death Project

Key Visualizations